Personalized Customer Service

Diligently Putting Our Customers First

Our core value is to put our customer’s needs first! We are here to meet all your needs – from simple to complex. Our mission is to offer a suite of affordable, scalable solutions designed to meet your current and future needs.

We treasure our customers as much as you treasure yours. Our ForwardLine Payment Services team is our greatest asset and are here for you every step of the way. Our team knows and understands what a customer needs from a processing partner. Their knowledge, commitment, and understanding of the processing industry allow us to solve any issue you might have with just one phone call.

With our one-on-one customer care, you will experience how we are here to help your business continue to grow and prosper. Not only will you encounter excellent service and flexible pricing, but you will also gain a long-term business partner.

At ForwardLine Payment Services, we believe in being able to have a home for any business who needs our service even if we cannot support them; we will find another company who can.

Do not just take our word for what ForwardLine Payment Service is capable of. Hear it from the ones who matter the most to us – our clients.

"I have been very pleased working with ForwardLine Payment Services. After a great deal of research, I found their rates to be far better than anyone else's. ForwardLine Payment Services worked diligently with me and explained all the details. I saved money switching my processing to them and I look forward to having a long relationship with them. I would certainly recommend them to others."

Claudia Hull | Joseph’s Winter St. Cafe

"We look forward to a long business relationship with ForwardLine Payment Services, as our business continues to grow and prosper! We've been in business for 11 years. Our market is seasonal. ForwardLine Payment Services helped us change to a new credit card processor to save additional money. The entire staff at ForwardLine Payment Services worked with us as if we were personal friends!"

Dave Hockady | Scootworks

"I've been in the restaurant business for 14 years and have had multiple credit card processing companies but never been happier than with ForwardLine Payment Services. Their customer service is fantastic; they even assigned me a personal representative. I am sure I will remain a customer for a long time."

Enrique Corlay | Mexxi’s Restaurant

"I have never worked with a credit card company that has had such a personal one-on-one attention. Anytime I have an issue of any kind they take care of it."

Matthew Llewellyn | 23rd Street Brewery

"A big 'Thank You' to ForwardLine Payment Services for their immediate assistance with all my questions and concerns. Thanks for going the extra mile--it's very rare these days."

Virginia Koen | Joe Koen & Sons Jewelers

"Well let me just say, I just love Amon Kwon. Every time something goes wrong or I have a question he is always so kind and patient with me. Last week I had a problem and I called only him and he helped me for about an hour. He is just a great guy!"

Tiffany Mullins | Best Friends Veterinary Hospital

"ForwardLine Payment Services has helped my company in many ways. There are many things that make ForwardLine Payment Services stand out like great customer service. Everybody is nice and very helpful. My merchant service rep stood out; he is very kind, respectful, and assisted me with all my issues and did it in a timely manner. Whenever I leave him a message, he returns my calls and makes sure my issues are resolved. Customer service goes a long way, and when you have a great company like ForwardLine Payment Services and employees like my merchant rep, it makes it hard to want to change your situation. Thank you so much ForwardLine Payment Services for always being helpful!"

Mulham Odeh | Select Untra Lounge

"ForwardLine Payment Services helped me transition to the new Clover Mobile Go credit card processor. They explained how it would free me up from being tied down to the old card machine. They contacted me several times along the way to make sure everything was going smoothly. The process was very easy and now I can process transactions from my iPhone or iPad. Thanks ForwardLine Payment Services!"

Richard McLennan | Huckleberry’s Pen, Inc.

"I am one happy customer! I'm very pleased with the program and how unencumbered their collection process is to my business. Their customer service is top notch. My account representative, Amon, has been a big help in answering all of my questions. I had a few minor issues, in the beginning, and his turnaround time in returning my call or addressing my issues was very quick."

Stanley Barge | Stans HVAC Services

"Excellent Service, Caring People. From my first contact, the people at ForwardLine Payment Services were polite, thorough, and answered every concern that I had. I have continued to do business with them as my processor because of their excellent customer service and availability. You will not be waiting days for a return call. They are on top of it, and I have found them to be caring and professional."

Laura Allen | Thera-ssage

"No long waits to speak to a representative. There are REAL humans working at ForwardLine Payment Services! My account representative is the nicest, and most helpful customer representative. He helps me quickly and efficiently. Way to go guys!"

Rolando Rogers | Blooming Boutique Flowers

"I am really happy with the service."

Giuseppine Mancino | Napoli Bakery

"The people at ForwardLine Payment Services make the process very straight forward and painless. We have been with them for a few years now and their help has become an important part of our business. It's nice to have them in your corner."

Dave Oliver | Cape Tip Sportwear

"Thank you for your service the other day to help me with my terminal. I really appreciate your time and patience. All is working great now."

Debbie Petrie | The Wig Gallery

"My merchant rep is very helpful when we have called in to get our gratuity added to purchases. It's a tedious process and he is very diligent and patient, especially when we have a pile of them. He is an exceptional man and he needs to be recognized."

Kim Henderson | 2 Shea Boutique

"I have been working with ForwardLine for about 10 years. They take care of our credit card processing and anytime we need money for a project they have been there for us. Their process is fast and every person I have worked with over the years has been competent, caring, respectful and we have never had a problem or complaint."

Gail Foland | Krav Maga of San Francisco